Anita Sieff
Anita Sieff
      by Patricia A. Simpson
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Giulio Alessandri

Feeling is the Parameter of Contemporarity
Il Sentire è il Parametro del Contemporaneo
Marco Ferraris

Psychic Perception
La percezione psichica
Anita Sieff

A.A.A. (aderire all'aperto [adhering to the open]) - In search of Anita Sieff
A.A.A. (aderire all'aperto) - Cercasi Anita Sieff
Pierluigi Basso Fossali

Anita Sieff - La coscienza del vivere
Chiara Bertola

Situazioni della vita quotidiana: riconciliarsi con il presente
John Peter Nilsson

Prove di una "drammatica"
Stefano Coletto

Anita Sieff: Forms of Celebration
Anita Sieff: Forme di Celebrazione
Carlos Basualdo

The Art work as a place for relation
Opera come luogo della relazione
Chiara Bertola

The 21st Century Odalisque
Diane Lewis

Rethinking art practises: What is the new in new?
Riconsiderando le pratiche artistiche: Cosa c'è di nuovo nel nuovo?
John Peter Nilsson

Scultura sociale
Maria Paola Sutto

Anita Sieff
Carlo Montanaro

La sperimentazione artistica in Guggenheim Public
Sandra Caroldi

Anita Sieff
Patricia A. Simpson


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  Sieff's work attests to an obsession with thoughts and the compulsion to clarify the thought process to an attempt to expand consciousness through the creative process.
The work then brings the relationship the creative process between the emotional and the cognitive into the light. Her pieces communicate in non-linear narratives, as in "Venetian Stories," which consists of snapshots, personal writings. recipes. These individual fragments constitute an experiment of reciprocity. Their relationship to each other is precarious. taped and , clipped together, and will eventually lead to a unity. In several pieces, Sieff has used connective fabrics: veils ("Nostalgia," 1995, photographs and veil). cotton and nylon thread, as in the photograph "Ties" (1995), and in recent work. These convey a fragility, speak to a vulnerability to once one's emotions - the feeling of being caught in a net, but one that connects to humankind with the possibility of belonging and interacting as part of a community.

PS 122 Gallery, New York City
January, 30, 1997