Anita Sieff
the drama of love
      Fortuny Museum in Venice, 2003
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Psyche, Ca'Pesaro Museum, Venice, 2011 [eng]  [ita]  [video]

Ordine di Senso, 2010
Venezia, Fondazione Querini-Stampalia

the drama of love at the Fortuny Museum in Venice, 2003 [eng]  [ita]

moda è modo, 2001

social sculpture #2 at Tonic in New York City, 2000

symposium on Love in Venice, 2000 [eng]  [ita]

social sculpture #2 teatro Fondamenta Nove in Venice, 2000

social sculpture #1 the Kitchen in New York City, 1999 [eng]  [ita]

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  drama of love
    Faith is neither dogma nor religion, nor politics. Faith is recognising yourself in others, in other words it is a shared and undeniable feeling. As the process of a larger experiment of relationship between the many, Public in this new stage at the Fortuny Museum has produced the connective work "public Love". The footage presented in this occasion focuses on self representation as synthesis of a raw, yet dense experience of reciprocity and shared feelings. the story has been often said, the idea of process, form conceived as result of the process, like snails traces or even spider webs.These strange forms sometimes serve a purpose, at the same time they have their own inherent pattern. All these things are part of an idea which stem from social sculpture, from an idea of system, of organism, , of relationship, of function etc. however what's more interesting are scents, flavours, perceptions, these materials, the colours, all these then makes up the complex world of relations. But then, the even more beautiful is the subtle overlapping of these ideal fields, which again are essential forms of existence, but here and there, intermittedly, one can perceive these in between spaces, a sort of ultra fine nature which permeates the matter. The problem is that we're always loosing the thread of these relations, of this discourse, even if, every so often, after many interruptions, every ones in a while it seams that this thread is realigning, that coherence is re-established, that we all get back to loom this sort of silk, this thread which includes people in this grid of relationships. Again perhaps is that love is the ingredient of this subject, this I don't know jet, I'm not sure, but that this tension produces relationships and form, well, of this I'm absolutely sure.