Anita Sieff
      San Francisco + Venice, 2000
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Psyche, Ca'Pesaro Museum, Venice, 2011 [eng]  [ita]  [video]

Ordine di Senso, 2010
Venezia, Fondazione Querini-Stampalia

the drama of love at the Fortuny Museum in Venice, 2003 [eng]  [ita]

moda è modo, 2001

social sculpture #2 at Tonic in New York City, 2000

symposium on Love in Venice, 2000 [eng]  [ita]

social sculpture #2 teatro Fondamenta Nove in Venice, 2000

social sculpture #1 the Kitchen in New York City, 1999 [eng]  [ita]

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  Saturday May 13th at 9:00 PM at the Querini Stampalia Palace in Venice organizes a net-meeting with Planetwork on the issue of global ecology and Information technology.
From San Francisco:
Elisabeth Sahtouris, evolutionary biologist
Mark Pesce, co-inventor of VRML, creator of the real -time global weather moldel webearth
Ralph Abraham, chaos mathematician, founder of the Visual Math Institute
Jennifer Cobb, theologian, high tech industry consultant
Hardin Tibbs, industrial ecology expert, global scenarios modeling
Planetwork Global Ecology & Information Technology
As we enter the new millennium, two global phenomena stand out as the most dramatic aspects of our time: the dizzying rate of technological change, especially in the realm of digital information, and the staggering scale and speed of environmental degradation.
The explosion of information technology is transforming the way we inhabit and perceive the earth. PLANETWORK will explore how the creative application of digital tools - visualization technologies, databases, and the Internet, among others - can open up new possibilities for environmental activism and positive global change.
ethTv true to its spirit takes up Planetwork's challenge, widening it to
reach the Italian audience, with the aim of increasing an awareness that urges us to assume a responsable attitude towards such an important issue and envision possible solutions.